Optimizer by White Shark Media: A Clear Guide to Improving Your Campaigns

Optimize your Pay-Per-Click campaigns with detailed suggestions and action items from industry experts, assuring solutions to the most common challenges on both eCommerce and lead generation campaigns on Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising.

Improve Your Campaigns As You:

Set Easy-To-Read Graphs That Reflect and Compare 30 Day Intervals of Data by Default

Optimizer by White Shark Media displays and compares account performance data from the get go and showcases key performance metrics.The tool identifies trends and your main KPIs so you can determine what to focus on.

Follow Detailed Instructions to Implement Optimization Actions

You’ll receive practical, effective, and up-to-date instructions backed by our team of experts on how to implement optimizations on your account.

Review Optimization Items and Graphs on a Downloadable PDF

User-friendly features will allow you to copy and paste your campaign information so you can store as a note, send in an email, or download as a PDF.

Perform Optimizations Focused on Your
Particular Goals

Reduce your costs

Boost engagement

Increase leads and sales

Enhance budget utilization

Raise traffic quality

Address 3 Common Pitfalls When Performing Optimizations:

Overlooking key performance indicators over a coherent amount of time

Skipping actions aimed at a specific account challenges

Mismanaging optimization actions to avoid redundancy on account management

Optimizer by White Shark Media is a hand-holding tool that specifies instructions to address
campaign issues regardless of experience.

Keep Track of Your Historical Optimization Data

View past Optimizations to Understand Your Account’s Behavior
and Avoid Redundant Work