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We’re extremely eager to present recent developments at White Shark Media designed to learn, sell, and deliver PPC.

White Shark Media Academy:

Online PPC Courses

White Shark Media Academy was born out of the desire to educate anyone in need of training on all things PPC. Crafted by our experts with quality content in a creative and strategic manner, White Shark Media’s Academy consists of a series of courses that are practical, insightful, and enjoyable, with no fluff or fillers, just pay-per-click solutions.

Certifications Available


Automated PPC Auditing

Engine powered by White Shark Media that automates PPC insights. Similar to several audit tools available, the program scans account portfolios to retrieve data and provide findings, but the White Shark Media model addresses various gaps identified in competitor tools.

The service will be white labeled and will include auto-generated proposals for prospect clients. For any digital agency offering pay-per-click services, the tool is elemental in learning how to work smarter by leaving lengthy and confusing reports behind.

Optimizer Tool:

A Clear Guide to Optimizing Your Campaigns

The Optimizer Tool helps users optimize their campaigns through a selection of methods provided to them depending on their goals.

The tool navigate users through three common scenarios that tend to stump campaigns. These are not having a clear objective, relying too heavily on standard optimization options, and ignoring historical performance for current insights.

More than just a checklist, this tool is essential for users as it helps them understand their efforts and structure their strategy.

The beta program for these tools is currently underway. If you have a particular interest in learning more about any of these tools, schedule a free demo!

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