AdInsights by White Shark Media: Automated PPC Auditing

The AdInsights tool will walk you through performance insights into your PPC accounts and will showcase exactly what you are doing wrong or not doing at all on your Google Ads or Microsoft Ads accounts.

Obtain a Clear Path to Your Campaigns and Sales Objectives Without Training

Whether you are managing PPC accounts or looking to acquire new customers, AdInsights by White Shark Media will guide you through the ins and outs of the digital campaigns.

Account Management

Use your audits to uncover opportunities and get a clear objective to know what you are going to focus on before starting the optimization.

Client Acquisition

Get valuable insights tailored to your prospect’s accounts without going through tons of ad groups, skimming through search terms, and playing detective on the change history.

Your white label PDF generated within minutes

With AdInsights by White Shark Media, you can download your audits on a white-labeled PDF format, within minutes. Without expert knowledge of Google and Microsoft Ads, you’ll be guided through easily applicable recommendations on campaign-level performance, bids for your branded terms, and next steps for your PPC investment.

Having a complete audit of your accounts is just 3 steps away:

1. Sign up for FREE with AdInights by White Shark Media

2. Link your Google or Microsoft Account to the tool

3. Perform your account audit and get the report within minutes!

AdInsights by White Shark Media is very useful to pitch PPC to potential clients, evaluate their accounts, and send them the reports. I think it’s great for people like me to help me sell.

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